Battle of Destiny is over until next year.

Posted on by Bullet Proof

Battle of Destiny 2017 was a special weekend for many of us.
When planning this event, it was super important that I kept it personal. I wanted this to be all about the meeting and just playing games.
Of course we did have some tournaments and they were enjoyed, but the overall event was a great one with minimal pressure because most of us were friends. It made for a really great environment.

We had 2 long 13 hour days on the Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017. Some people had to travel from far to get to the event. Once everyone got into the venue, it changed into a very warm welcoming place where people played, spoke, joked, laughed and met new faces. This is the kind of environment that most of us miss and would like to recreate.
Yes of course people want to enter tournaments and be all eSports, but its important to remember that games should equal fun. Being competitive and wanting to win is cool, but thats where the pressure will end for most people.

Battle of Destiny 2017 was an invite only affair and it is understandable that people want it to be open next year. I promised the guys around me that I will leave it open in 2018.
When this event opens up to the public, things will have to be changed and be cleaned up to accomodate other people in a tournament environment. But its also important to understand, that I still have a vision and I will push toward my goal.

At the end of Battle of Destiny 2017 after the dust settled, we cleaned up the venue and packed away all of the equipment with help from many of the attendees. At the very end of the night after everyone left, there was a small group of players huddled around a Laptop playing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core. This pretty much summed up the event well for most of us, and this is all we really wanted.

When news regarding Battle of Destiny 2017 becomes available, it will be posted here as soon as possible.