The Battle of Destiny

Posted on by Bullet Proof

Welcome to the Battle of Destiny.
The Battle of Destiny is a Tournament/event that has been created so I can get my friends and other like minded people together in one building to play games.

As time passes and we all get older, finding time to do the things we love gets harder. My goal here, is to create an environment where we can all plan to meet far in advance and partake in some good games.

Throughout my years, I have met many people through playing video games. Especially fighting games. We don’t all meet up very often, but everyone likes to pick up a controller from time to time just for competitive reasons.

Of course I will do tournaments at these events. But its important to know, that casuals are also very important to most of us.
Its not always possible to have unlimited set-ups at events, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognise how important it is and won’t try my best to look after the casual player when I can.

Ultimately, I just want to see new games being played and people being crowned champions, so I will work towards that goal.

NOW…. just a few extra things I need to mention.
I am not here doing this to jump on any Pro Tours, or World Tours.
I am not here to use my event as a qualifier to another.
I am not here to have 100 diferent company logos on my website just to look important.
In saying that, if this event grew bigger and the community behind it wanted more from it, then its something I will consider.

Of course I don’t want to hold people back. But a few things for everyone to remember.
1: Everyone is entitled to walk their own path.
2: Battle of Destiny is my vision.

I could be like everyone else and tell you what you want to hear now, then lie about it later….. but I’ll just be honest now……. I’m doing what I want to do 🙂

If you’re interested in future Battle of Destiny tournaments, then keep an eye on this space.

If you don’t like my militance and want an environment where Organisers bend to your will……… then this isn’t the right place for you.

Thanks for your time,

The Infamous Bullet Proof.

Safe Yeah!!!!